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Taking Action And Patching Cracks

Taking Action And Patching CracksThe foundation of your home is the not only the stability of the structure, but it also plays a great part in how the lifespan of a home may progress. While cracks in the concrete can lead to major safety concerns which can include structural shifting and weakening, pipe and electrical damages that happen from settling, and an inlet for vermin into the domicile, even smaller breaches in the stone can also result in major issues.

Considering The Concept Of Porous Materials

While many owners may think of the concrete foundation as an impermeable barrier against the environment, this is not actually the case. Part of the reason that concrete is used in this type of construction is because it does breathe, and has sufficient air pocket that will allow the solid stone to show some adaptability to pressure and kinetic changes. However, this also means that these necessary spaces can become a place where moisture seepage is an issue.

Even in homes that have a sound foundation, seepage can still be an issue. This may be a result of groundwater slowly oozing through the spaces in the concrete, but can also be a factor of condensation that occurs on the walls as a result of the heat differential from indoors to out. The problem is that as soon as water gets into the concrete, there is also the possibility that it can freeze, expand, and generate cracks. Once a crack has started, it will only continue to get bigger.

This can make it vitally important for Maryland homeowners to call AA Action Waterproofing to inspect the foundation and to patch any cracks or damage that is apparent in the foundation. This can also include taking waterproofing measures that directly address the specific issues of the home. This provides effective relief from dampness, and the assurance that a solid foundation will contribute to the integrity of the structure.

This entry was posted in Foundation Repair on February, 20, 2015