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Take Care With Foundation Repairs

Take Care With Foundation RepairsIf you’ve decided that you want to shore up your home’s foundation, and make sure that it’s ready to preserve the structural integrity of the house for many more years to come, you’ve made the right decision. However, once you’ve committed to getting your foundation repaired, ensure that you listen to the experts you’ve hired to do the job, and heed their advice on timing and methodology.

It’s Not Just Your Home

Depending on the type of work that needs to be done to repair a foundation or conduct an extensive waterproofing procedure, a trench may need to be dug around the home, in order to gain access to the exterior of the foundation. However, there are certain situations where there’s an element of risk at work using such a method.

Someone experienced in foundation repair, like the staff here at AA Action Waterproofing will do a very thorough examination of the house and its surroundings in order to determine the best course of action. The reason for doing this is not just to understand the problem, but to have a better sense of the home’s relationship with the rest of the environment. If your house, for example, sits very close to another home, or is squeezed in between two homes and is a detached house with clearance of two feet or less between each home, this would make many conventional solutions extremely difficult.

The goal is to expose and work on your foundation, not the foundations of other homes. The work required may be such that it may actually interfere with the walkways and paths of a neighboring home. All of these neighbor factors, in addition to your own home’s needs have to be investigated, assessed and taken into consideration when deciding the best way to treat a home’s foundation problems.

If you decide to work with an experienced foundation repair team, you’ll get this kind of thorough, considered evaluation. If a foundation repair service isn’t thinking about the consequences this work could have on your neighbors, it’s probably not a service that you want to engage to work on your home.

This entry was posted in Foundation Repair on June, 29, 2016