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The Crawl Spaces In Between

The Spaces In BetweenArchitecture throughout Maryland, Virginia, and even parts of southern Pennsylvania can vary greatly depending upon the environment. One of the things that is so attractive to residents of this region is the fact that a person can quickly transition from metropolitan and suburban neighborhoods to more rural areas. This also means that homes can range from colonial and modern buildings that include full or finished basements, to older and more traditional structures that still sport earthen floors and crawl spaces.

Although even residents with unfinished basements will utilize this space for storage or activity, most homeowners who have only crawl spaces will rarely think about this part of the home, unless there is an immediate need to go into the area. However, just because the owner is not cognizant of the space does not mean that what goes on in this section of the dwelling will not impact the rest of the structure.

A Pause Filled With Potential

Crawl spaces are necessary in homes where a full basement is not possible, but where there still needs to be room to run pipes, ductwork, and cables. For this reason, while crawl spaces are protected enough to keep these functional considerations operational, the conditions within the crawl space could still contribute to hazards.

Most crawl spaces have a considerable heat differential from the outside environment and the rest of the home. This means that the likelihood for condensation to occur is fairly high, and this is amplified when high ground water puts more moisture in the soil and the air. As a result, crawl spaces can go from simply being damp areas that can impact the safety of the home to becoming waterlogged passages where mold breeds, which can definitely impact the safety of the home.

Regardless of how much traffic or activity a crawl space sees, at AA Action Waterproofing, we have found that encapsulation for these parts of the homes can have a profound effect on quality of life for residents and on the value of the home over time. With encapsulation, these unacknowledged spaces within the dwelling can be effectively sealed. This both prevents more moisture from getting in to the crawl space, but also prevents spores breeding and escaping into the indoor air.

If you are concerned that your crawl spaces may be contributing more negative factors to your home, then we encourage you to call AA Action Waterproofing today.

This entry was posted in Basement Waterproofing on March, 03, 2015