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What Are The Signs You Might Need Foundation Repair?

What Are The Signs You Might Need Foundation Repair?Your foundation is one of the most important parts of your home. It allows your home to be seated properly and has a huge impact on your doors and windows.

Over time, even the newest homes could face foundation problems. Foundation issues can be made worse by bad weather, improper drainage, and by unusual conditions — like the shifting of ground water.

It can be difficult to be sure that you need foundation repair, because so many of the signs can easily be mistaken for other kinds of problems. However, there are some that you can quickly look for around your own home. If you have several, it’s time to call the pros.

Six Important Signs That You Might Benefit From Foundation Repair

  1. Cracks In Walls Throughout The Home
    Wall cracks caused by foundation problems are generally horizontal in orientation.
  2. Widespread “Warping” Of Windows And Doors
    When foundations start to degrade, windows and doors will no longer close tightly.
  3. Exterior Windows Have Unusual Cracks
    Stress on caulk joints typically causes exterior windows to crack diagonally.
  4. Cracks In Exposed Concrete At The House’s Base
    Although minor cracks may not be an issue, this is often an early sign of a problem.
  5. Gaps Emerging Between Your Ceiling And Your Crown Molding
    This can happen in most rooms throughout the house and is easy to spot.
  6. foundation
    Shifting of the underlying wall can damage wall paper and create a clear symptom of issues.

AA Action Waterproofing Can Help You Solve Your Foundation Woes Before They Get Worse

If you are wondering about foundation repair, it’s time to consult with the experts. Even if you find that your foundation isn’t in immediate need of care, odds are good that you can save a lot of money versus future repair costs by getting work done.

When it comes to foundation repair, use bonded, licensed, insured professionals in your area in order to get top quality work done. At AA Action Waterproofing, we work with customers all throughout the region of Washington DC and surrounding states: Maryland, Northern Virginia, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and New Jersey.

Don’t wait: Once foundation damage becomes severe, you could be looking at tens of thousands of dollars in repairs that could take weeks or even months. Call or email us today to get your free estimate and get started with a preventative investment that will make a big difference.

This entry was posted in Foundation Repair on September, 24, 2014