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Reasons To Fix Your Leaking Basement

Reasons To Fix Your Leaking BasementSometimes problems come knocking at our door at the absolutely wrong time, and we feel tempted to ignore them. Sure, in some cases, the problems will go away—but more often than not, they’ll stay there or even get worse than they were before.

Such is the case with a leaking, wet basement. While the problem might start out small, a wet basement is almost always a sign of a much greater problem. And left ignored, it can become even worse and plague you with more issues on top of it.


No one can deny that mold is incredibly unsightly. It comes in all sorts of forms and colors, from black to white to green, and it can form within days of water damage in your basement. Imagine valuables in your basement, furniture, electronics, and other items completely ruined by mold. It’s frustrating and involves throwing out a lot of things you truly love.

Mold also causes health issues for you and your family. Most notably, mold will send off mold spores into the air, which then enter the body and can wreak havoc on respiratory systems. It can irritate existing asthma or allergies, cause flu-like symptoms, agitate eyes, and even cause skin rashes. People often think that water damage in their basements just means they’re hurting their home, but it can also mean that you’re hurting your own family if you don’t take care of it quickly.

Property Damage

We’ve already brought up how devastating it would be to lose your belongings due to mold, but also consider how you’ll cope with soaking wet bins of family photos, saturated couches or mattresses, or even the home itself, like laminate flooring or carpeting.

Having to remove water from your basement from flooding is difficult enough; however, feeling like you’re literally throwing money away or even items you can’t place a value on feels terrible. Whether you use your basement for storage, as an extra living space, or for relaxation, protect everything that’s in it.

Mustiness Or Humidity

Basements don’t always get the best reputation. We often think of them as dark, dank dungeon-like areas with little sunlight. The truth is, they can be quite pleasant to be in with the proper care, and it’s only when a leaky basement goes ignored that you’ll get that unpleasant atmosphere.

Standing water can lead to that notorious musty smell so many basements have, or a sticky, humid feeling. Neither makes a basement a particular nice place in which to spend time.

Bugs And Rodents

The thought of creepy crawlies and rats or mice will probably make your skin crawl just thinking about them, but we’d be remiss not to mention this huge problem. A water source in a dark, cool place will instantly attract all types of bugs and even rodents, which are nasty by themselves but also incredibly difficult to get rid of completely. Ignoring leaks and moisture can lead to uninvited guests in your home.

Do you finally feel like it’s time to address your leaky basement issue? We’re here to help you through this time and prevent the problem from ever happening again. Call AA Action Waterproofing today at 888-922-5517.

This entry was posted in Water Damage on June, 14, 2016