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Basement Waterproofing Belcamp

Belcamp is not a place a lot of people talk about, but that doesn’t stop this community from being conveniently located in the middle of everything. Easy access to Bel Air, Aberdeen and the 40 corridor make this young area an attractive, ideal place to live, especially for families. Whether you’re enjoying the crab cakes and house special at Riverside Pizzeria, or the many facilities at Belcamp Park, there’s a lot for residents to take advantage of an enjoy in this area.

That doesn’t mean that Belcamp residents have it completely easy. A mix of warm summers and mild winters may make it seem like the gentle climate goes easy on the people that live here, but the story changes when you start looking underground, which few people do. Under the feet of the residents, a slow, relentless problem is building up, and it may affect any home in the community, just as it does with other homes throughout Maryland and the rest of the country. It’s a problem of water, and it’s the reason basement waterproofing in Belcamp is an essential service to counter this.

Water Hurts Your Home

A leaky basement may not seem like much to the average homeowner. On first glance, it’s just a little bit of water on the floor, maybe some dampness on the wall. That doesn’t appear to pose much of a threat, especially to think concrete walls and a floor. But concrete, as solid as it appears to be, is actually a porous substance, meaning that it’s full of tiny holes. And water is one of the great forces of erosion in nature, able to squeeze into the tiniest space if given the slightest opportunity.

Water getting your basement is, at best a limitation of what you can do with your home. If you have an unfinished basement that regularly gets damp, or leaks, you simply can’t renovate this basement and finish it. If you do, you will have resigned yourself to getting new carpeting to replace wet carpet with mold growing under it, or chipping out waterlogged drywall to install new drywall because that latest rainstorm has soaked in and undone all the work you did after the last rainstorm. Ultimately, deciding to renovate and finish a wet basement is saying that you have so much money, you’d rather spend it—constantly—on repairs to the damage the water will repeatedly cause, rather than solving the problem once and for all, and keeping the water out.

At worst, water in your basement can threaten the actual structural integrity of the home and endanger the health of residents. A damp basement is a breeding ground for mold and some mold infestations spew spores into the air that cause sickness in the people breathing them in, sometimes these illnesses can be severe lung infections. If water’s destructive power has caused soil movement underneath the foundation, one reason that cracks may be appearing in the walls and floors of the basement is because the entire house is “moving” or tilting in different direction as the massive weight of the structure is improperly being distributed. This can literally tear a house apart, posing a physical danger to residents and severely bringing down the value of a home. All of these are serious problems that only basement waterproofing in Belcamp can solve.

Call In The Professionals

A flooded or wet basement isn’t something that can be taken care of with a quick, DIY fix. This is a large scale, extensive problem that requires specialized knowledge and equipment, but when you contact AA Action Waterproofing, that is exactly what you get. We’ve been in the business of basement waterproofing in Belcamp for years, and we know that every home has unique conditions and circumstances behind the water problems residents may be experiencing.

When you call us, we will listen to your problem, and conduct an inspection of the area. We will then investigate, looking at where the water is getting in and tracking down the exact source and cause of the water entry. It’s absolutely critical to understand what forces are causing water to leak into a basement, because without this knowledge, no permanent solution is possible, only stopgap measures to keep the water at bay.

Once we’ve assessed the situation, we will present you with our findings and work with you to arrive at the solution you need. Depending on the circumstances, French drains and sump pumps may be required to control and redirect water that comes in from other areas. Or a membrane can be installed around the foundation walls outside the home for a comprehensive, final fix to water and vapor entering the area. Other times, issues of hydrostatic water pressure may need to be addressed in order to solve the problem.

Whatever the case, AA Action Waterproofing will help to understand what the problem is with your wet basement and solve it for you once and for all.