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The Pros And Cons Of Waterproofing Paint

The Pros And Cons Of Waterproofing PaintIf you’ve been researching your options for basement waterproofing, you’ve likely noticed some talk about waterproofing paint. We’ll be honest: the name for this product is relatively misleading, but it’s not an entirely bad thing to use in your home. We’ve listed out some of the important pros and cons you should know so that you can decide if this is the right option for you and your basement.


  • Reducing smell. If you’re dealing with a musty, fungal smell from the walls of your basement, this can help to mask it.
  • Lowers humidity. This is especially useful during hot Maryland summers by preventing the transfer of moisture into your basement.
  • Water resistant. The paint can help moisture from passing through the walls of your basement and then into your home.
  • Inexpensive and easy to find. Not only is it something you can pick up from the hardware store yourself, but you can easily paint as well without much help. There’s not as much of a need to call in a professional for a project like this.


  • Not a waterproofing solution. That’s right—this is why we feel that “waterproofing” paint is a misleading product. A professional waterproofer will seal your foundation and make it so water won’t even get near your foundation or your basement walls; however, waterproofing paint simply acts as an extra barrier but still allows water to enter the materials of your home.
  • Flaking. Especially if you’re dealing with significant water starting to seep in behind the walls, your paint will eventually flake and peel. It’s not particularly nice to look at and it means that you’re really only trying to solve the problem in pieces instead of tackling the bigger issue. This is why we consider it more water resistant than waterproof.
  • Increasing wall pressure. Certain wall materials increase pressure when they have water in them, and waterproofing paint can create a sort of bubble that keeps that pressure in one place. It has the potential to damage the structure of your home.

So should you use waterproofing paint? If you’d like to, then do it, but you should definitely know it will not actually waterproof much of anything. If you’re wanting to keep your basement dry, your belongings safe, and your family happy and healthy, then call AA Action Waterproofing today to discuss basement waterproofing options. 888-922-5517

This entry was posted in Basement Waterproofing on June, 07, 2016