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Basement Waterproofing Baldwin

Baldwin doesn’t often get a lot of notice in news and other media compared to other Maryland locations, but it still has a sense of history, and welcoming warmth. The Hidden Valley Farm is a historic location that teaches us much about America’s past, and locals still find comfort in the Savory Deli and Market for some of the best comfort food in the area. Baldwin is a quiet place where people can live their lives the way they want to.

This doesn’t mean that Baldwin doesn’t have its share of problems, however. It’s not something that many people think about, but for some residents of Baldwin—as is the case with others in Maryland and all over America—there may be a risk slowly brewing right under the feet of people as they go about their lives at home. It may be a damp basement, or a leaky basement, but it’s a sign of a much bigger problem that can escalate to serious levels without professional basement waterproofing in Baldwin.

Why Water Matters

Water only seems harmless because we see in our everyday lives in a useful capacity. It’s the thing we drink, or use in cooking. It’s the thing we have fun in when we go to the pool or take in a day with the family at the waterpark. Our normal encounter with water is that this is a wet, harmless yet vital substance that we find extremely useful. We rarely think of it as something that can hurt us.

And yet, to a basement, over a long enough period of time, water is a very destructive agent. This should come as no surprise to anyone as in nature, water is a force of erosion. It created the Grand Canyon, and it continues to carve out caves, and devastate entire coastal areas when it gathers enough force to itself, so why should a typical American home somehow be invulnerable to the relentless forces that water represent?

Water works on a basement doing what it does best; working slowly, methodically and without rest, taking all the time it needs, whether that is years, or even decades to create weaknesses, exploit them and move into new locations. Water is always trying to get into a basement, and when it does, even just as dampness on the walls, or a few puddles on the floor, that is the key water can use to eventually unlock the door to massive water damage in this lowest part of the home.

Water can crack walls and floors if there is enough of it present to exert pressure. Water can erode faults in improperly poured concrete to slowly break down walls. If you live in the lowest point of an area with a lot of inclines, much the water in the surrounding area will naturally gather at your home, and, in turn, make its way into the basement where it can cause serious damage flooding the area and harming delicate hardware you may have such as the furnace, water heater or even fuse box. Professional basement waterproofing in Baldwin can put a stop to all this.

Experienced Problem Solving

AA Action Waterproofing has been the expert for basement waterproofing in Baldwin for years. Regardless of the level of your problem when you come to us, we will come to you to assess your home and see exactly what the true nature of a leaky or wet basement may be.

Our initial assessment looks at what problems and visible signs members of the household have been noticing. From there, we take things a step further, looking past the most visible symptoms to track down the cause for why water has been coming into the basement. This is the portion of an inspection that will be unique to every home because of different circumstances, construction, location or even geology all playing distinct roles.

For some, prevention may be the ultimate—and most ideal—solution, as prudent homeowners have seen the early warning signs of a bigger problem, and come to us before the situation escalates. Vapor barriers, or even treating crawl spaces in the home may be all that is required in these early stages to keep water completely and permanently out of a home. For other situations, things may be more complex. If water naturally accumulates in the basement because of a home’s location, then the nature of the challenge changes to water flow control, rather than outright prevention. Installing French drains and a sump pump system will be a better solution that allows the water to come in, but then redirects it away from the home before it can set in and do any permanent damage.

Whatever the wet basement problem you have, contact us at AA Action Waterproofing. We’ll be happy to solve it with you.