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Why A Little Basement Seepage Is A Big Problem

Why A Little Basement Seepage Is A Big ProblemObviously, heading down into your basement and finding it flooded with water would send you into panic mode. You’ll likely be worried about your belongings, the state of your home, and you’ll fear the amount of damage and how much it will cost you. But funny enough, when people see small leaks they often just mop them up and move on with their day, not worrying at all about the bigger problems it could lead to.

Unfortunately, even tiny leaks or humidity are cause for worry. Ignoring these moisture signs could lead to:

  • Health Problems. Mold only needs 24-48 hours before it can start to grow after water exposure, and it’s not nearly as easy to get rid of. Mold can cause flu-like symptoms, skin rashes, itchy eyes, and it can irritate allergies. Additionally, it can affect those with asthma and damage respiratory systems.
  • Higher bills. If there’s water seeping into your basement, do you know where it’s coming from? For leaky pipes, this means you could be racking up your water bill unknowingly. Cleaning up the water on a regular basis won’t change the fact that you’re paying for it.
  • Seepage into the home. If you simply clean up the water you find, you have no idea where it’s coming from or even what else could be affected. Leaks in your basement could mean there are leaks elsewhere, and this moisture can bow your walls and affect the very materials that make up your home.
  • Property damage. Not only could water do damage to your home, but it can damage anything else it touches, too. Furniture, carpeting, family photos, or things you’ve saved from when the kids were younger—imagine losing all of these items. Some if it might be replaceable but it certainly won’t be cheap, and it would be impossible to get back some of the valuable family memories from other things.
  • Foundation damage. Water will make its way into the cracks of your foundation, worsening the problem. Foundations are repairable, but it’s less stressful and less expensive to prevent the issue in the first place.

If you’ve found some seepage in your basement, know that the sooner you act, the better. AA Action Waterproofing can help you find the source of the problem and prevent the water from doing damage to your basement. Call us for a free quote today. 888-922-5517

This entry was posted in Structural Damage on June, 23, 2016