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Prevent Wet Basements With Underground Downspout Extensions

Most homeowners believe that just cleaning and maintaining their gutters is enough when it comes to diverting rain water away from the home’s foundation. While this is definitely important, you cannot ignore the end points of your gutter system, the downspouts.

Downspouts ensure that the rainwater is taken as far away from your home’s foundation as possible. Still, if your downspouts terminate just a few inches above ground or dump water onto a small splash block, all of that collected rainwater might be ending up right next to your foundation anyway.

The ‘Bowl’ Of Your Foundation

The soil that is around a house’s foundation can be particularly vulnerable to any over-saturation due to the long lasting effects of the excavation that had been done when the foundation was built. When the excavation had been down, the excavator had to dig a ‘bowl’ in the ground and the foundation had been built in the middle. Once the house’s foundation was finished, the edges of this ‘bowl’ were backfilled. Despite the best efforts of the contractor, the compacted soil remained more porous than any of the undisturbed soil surrounding it.

This means that when any excessive water ends up landing in the ‘bowl’ area, it is likely to have a poor effect on the foundation.

The Value Of Underground Downspout Extensions

Regardless of this disadvantage, you can eliminate the effect and damage by having an underground downspout extension installed. Putting in this extension will ensure that the downspout will discharge the water at a proper distance away from the foundation without getting in the way of any outdoor activities. Otherwise, the excessive rainwater will end up right next to the foundation and continue damaging your home.

However, in order to make sure your underground downspout extension is done right, you will want to call the professionals at AAAction Waterproofing!

Our basement waterproofing professionals will ensure that your downspout extension is installed properly and will effectively keep the rainwater as far from your home as possible. Contact us today to learn more about your basement waterproofing options!

This entry was posted in Foundation Repair on October, 02, 2016