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The Overlooked Aspect Of Winter Weather Preparation

Overlooked AspectThanks to the polar vortex that’s pummeling the country and the fact that areas in Maryland, Virginia, DC, Delaware, and the rest of the East Coast are all in the path of constant weather fronts, it’s hard to ignore the need to start getting your home prepared for the cold, wet weather. And while things like insulation, heating oil, and even the much-laughed about trip to the grocery store for provisions are all part of preparing for winter, there’s one aspect of getting your home ready that is often overlooked.

Specifically, waterproofing your basement is something that is regularly ignored during the cold months. It’s not hard to see why – the last thing on your mind is usually whether or not your basement is waterproofed properly when you’re dealing with heavy snows, cold weather, and more. But basement waterproofing is important to consider, and at AA Action Waterproofing we think it’s important that you understand why preventing problems is a better option than any other out there.

The primary reason that you can’t afford to ignore the importance of including basement waterproofing in your winter weather prep plans is simple – money. Sometimes it can be difficult to understand just how much a serious repair can cost, and when damage is done by leaking basements, repairs can be very expensive. Add to that damage done by mold growth and you have an even worse issue to deal with.

We understand that your basement may look dry right now, too. But as the winter weather slowly fades away and the spring thaw begins, plenty of homeowners have to face a sudden emergency as the water finds its way into their basement. Good preparation can eliminate that entirely and let you save big. That’s because a little bit of preparation is almost always much cheaper than major repairs and cleanings will be. By simply taking a few minutes to set up a waterproofing inspection and maintenance visit, you could avoid big repair bills.

If you’re unsure of whether or not your basement needs waterproofing, or know that it does and aren’t sure what the next step you should take is, don’t hesitate to contact us at AA Action Waterproofing today. We can help ensure that you get the kind of waterproofing you need to keep your home’s basement dry no matter how cold or wet it may get outside. It’s money well spent.

This entry was posted in Water Damage on February, 26, 2014