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Never Overlook Basement Moisture

Never Overlook Your FoundationMaryland is home to some of the most beautiful homes in the country, and some of the most historic. But while there’s plenty to love about being a homeowner here, there are also numerous challenges out there as well. In particular, the combination of thawing ground and snow with the spring showers the state experiences – 3 to 4 inches monthly on average – means that your home needs to be able to withstand any of the moisture our climate can throw at it.

That goes beyond your roof, and here at AA Action Waterproofing we’ve seen firsthand just how important it is to take preventative steps to prevent water from getting into your basement. Here’s why:

  • Mold growth can occur quickly when your basement becomes damp, which in turn can lead to poor air quality, mold growth, and much more. This can cause health issues for your family as well as lead to expensive medical bills – not to mention the cost of removing the mold.
  • Overall air quality is reduced when your basement moisture is high, as well. This is especially dangerous for the very old, very young, and those who suffer from existing illnesses – particularly respiratory problems.
  • Even if there isn’t standing water or water pouring down the walls, just a high level of humidity within the basement can lead to rot and other structural damage. That damage is among the most expensive to repair, and can become very difficult to deal with in many cases.

In other words, taking the time to prevent basement moisture means that you don’t end up with higher costs for repairs, renovations, and mold remediation. That’s why it’s so important to regard basement waterproofing as an investment, not an expense.

A wet proof basement is something that every Maryland homeowner needs to consider since it can save them money and reduce their stress levels in the long run. If your basement seems damp or musky, it’s well worth considering basement waterproofing options in Maryland.

This entry was posted in Foundation Repair on April, 16, 2015