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Keeping Your Home Up With Changing Times

Keeping Up With Changing TimesFor homeowners along the east coast, general maintenance of the property just goes with the territory. While most residents make a habit of thoroughly attending to routine tasks which keep the home stable and safe, there are still considerations that are frequently overlooked. Basement flooding can be one such issue that can lead to extensive damages and costly repairs, but could also be prevented.

At AA Action Waterproofing, we often find that clients are unaware of how many factors can contribute to basement flooding. A common misconception is that a general overland flood can be the only reason for water in the basement, but in truth, even basic environmental conditions can contribute to other reasons for water seeping in.

  • Poor rain drainage – broken or clogged gutters, as well as basic home designs can all contribute to basement flooding. In many cases, this may be a process that has occurred over time, either through water erosion around the foundation, or puddle formations around the perimeter of the home.
  • Insufficient insulation – in unfinished basements, this can often be the main cause of flooding. The temperature differential between the inside and the outside air causes condensation to form on the walls, and this eventually collects as standing water.
  • Foundation failure – this may be due to erosion or construction issues, but can also be a factor of the pressure from earth settling against the concrete. Regardless of the cause, cracks will form in the foundation and moisture can seep into the basement in this manner. As cracks get larger, flooding will become more persistent, and environmental factors such as a high water table can also contribute.
  • Environmental changes – freezing weather can facilitate in making small cracks larger, and changes in the ground saturation for water can also contribute to basement flooding. These aspects can also often be cumulative in their impact, so that an unnoticed problem can suddenly become a large one.
  • Internal factors – this can include situations where a root failure in the home has led to the adjunct problem of basement flooding. Leaking pipes, water heater failure, and disconnected hoses can all be a part of this group of factors.

When all of these aspects are considered, it becomes apparent that homes may be more prone to basement flooding than a homeowner may have thought. This also makes it highly important to consider basement waterproofing as a part of the routine maintenance is involved in keeping your home safe and comfortable.

For many people, taking preventive steps not only provides peace of mind, but can also save considerable costs in damages to property and to irreplaceable keepsakes. By having a professional from AA Action Waterproofing evaluate the potential for water infiltration in your home, you can also come up with the best solutions to avoid these future disasters. This can also mean less overall maintenance to come, and more time to enjoy the living space.

This entry was posted in Water Damage on July, 09, 2015