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Keeping A Sturdy Foundation For Your Home

Keeping A Sturdy Foundation For Your HomeThe foundation of a home or other structure is extremely important, as it is the foundation that keeps the building sturdy, stable, and safe. When cracks or other damages appear in one’s foundation, it is crucial that these problems be repaired quickly before they worsen, and the longer a person may wait the more expensive and complicated they can expect their repair to be. With some more visible foundations, cracks and damage can be easy to see, however this is not universally the case. There are various things a homeowner can keep an eye out for to ensure their foundation remains in optimal condition.

While many different factors can contribute to foundation issues found within a home structure, the universal root cause can be simplified to soil conditions around the foundation itself. Repeated thawing, soil movement, and loose soil can cause water to penetrate into a home’s foundation, and this will often lead to the cracking and damages so often seen within these structures. A home does not need to be old to suffer from foundation problems, and as long as the proper soil conditions are present for damage, any home is susceptible.

While visible cracks and damages are some of the easiest ways to know that something may be going wrong with your foundation, there are other ways to tell as well. Unfortunately, not all foundation cracks are visible, as they may occur under the surface of the ground and well out of a person’s level of sight, so keeping note of some seemingly unrelated problems found in the home can be very insightful when it comes to the level of health of your foundation. Some seemingly unrelated things to watch out for when it comes to your foundation are:

• Cracked bricks – If your home is made of brick, finding cracks in the brick on either the inside or outside of the home can mean cracks in the foundation.

• Uneven flooring – While walking around or placing furniture on the ground level of your home, if you notice that the flooring feels or looks uneven, it could mean that damage is present in your foundation.

• Difficulty opening doors or windows – While opening a window on a nice day, or simply opening the door to come in and out of the home, if you notice difficulty that was not present before, it could mean that there are problems present in your foundation.

• Door and window frame separation – A foundation problem may be to blame if you find that your door or window frames have begun to separate from the wall structure.

At AA Action Waterproofing, we diagnose and repair all types of different foundation problems, as a sturdy foundation is important to a safe and well-functioning home. If you have noticed any of these seemingly unrelated problems occurring in your home, your foundation could be in need of repair, and having these repairs performed as quickly as possible is always recommended. For more information on foundation repairs and damages, call us today!

This entry was posted in Structural Damage on May, 12, 2014