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The Top 5 Signs You May Be Exposed To Toxic Mold

The Top 5 Signs You May Be Exposed To Toxic MoldToxic mold can grow quickly and without warning, and if your home has been exposed to excess moisture, you could have a toxic mold presence. Toxic mold is not always easily seen, particularly if it is found to grow in the walls or basement of an area, so looking for the signs and symptoms is important to helping to take the first step in eliminating it once and for all. The top 5 signs that you may be exposed to toxic molds are:

1. Coughing – While an occasional cough is normal, coughing excessively or repeatedly for seemingly no reason can be a sign of exposure to toxic molds. If a cough persists, and no medical reason is found, a mold test may be a desired next step.

2. Throat irritation – Like a cough, if a person is found to have throat irritation with no known cause, it could be due to mold exposure. This throat irritation is most often experienced in the morning, after a person has been deeply breathing the air in a space for a prolonged period of time, and this can come in the form of soreness, dryness, or itchiness.

3. Sneezing – Just as mold spores affect our throats and lungs, they will affect our nasal passages as well. Repeated sneezing in a person with no known illness or allergies may be caused by the presence of mold within a space.

4. Skin irritation – The toxins in toxic mold can also lead to skin irritation, and this may occur even when a person has not had direct contact with the mold itself. This skin irritation can come in the form of bumps, rashes, or excessive itching.

5. Eye irritation – The mold spores within the air can come into contact with eyes and cause various forms of eye irritation such as redness, itchiness, and soreness.

Our professionals can test and eliminate your mold at AA Action Waterproofing, and this can be done through air or surface testing if a known mold area has not yet been found. If you think you could have toxic mold in your home, contact us today.

This entry was posted in Mold & Mildew on May, 09, 2014