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How To Check Your Home For Foundation Problems

How To Check Your Home For Foundation ProblemsHave you noticed a musty smell in your basement? Has your home been creaking in the wind? Do you think you might have an issue with your foundation? If you are worried about the structural integrity of your home, you may want to check for the basic signs of foundation failure.

Foundation Cracks

The most obvious sign of foundation problems is foundation cracks. Foundation cracks can appear on both the inside and outside walls and on the basement floor. There are many kinds of foundation cracks. They can be horizontal, vertical, and they can stair step. They can range in size from hairline cracks to large gaps and holes. The best way to look for cracks is to inspection both the inside and outside of your home’s foundation. Some cracks are no cause for concern, but most are a sign of a serious problem. If you notice any cracks, schedule a professional foundation inspection immediately.

Mold And Mildew

Mold and mildew is a sign that water is entering you home. Water damage can quickly undermine the structural integrity of your house so you need to check for signs of mold and mildew. First check for the visual appearance of mold and mildew. Mold and mildew can range in color and texture and will grow on a variety of surfaces. Another way to know if there is mold and mildew is by a musty smell. Sometimes mold and mildew are hidden in walls, under carpets, in the insulation, and a variety of other places. If you have hidden mold you will notice a musty smell. However, the mold and mildew can be more insidious than that and there are a variety of non invasive ways a professional can check for hidden mold and mildew.

You Home Seems Uneven

A sign of foundation failure is the weight of the home is causing things to buckle. In this case, the walls will start leaning or the floor will be uneven. You can also notice that either your horizontal or vertical support beams will start bending and warping. Another noticeable sign is that windows and doors aren’t closing correctly, either jamming or leaving a gap. These are all visible signs that your foundation is failing. If you notice any of these problems, your house can be in serious danger. Call an expert immediately to inspect your home. These issues need to be repaired immediately.

If you have done these basement checks and have not seen any of these tell-tale signs of foundation failure, but you still think your house might be in danger call one of the experts at AA Action Waterproofing. Our licensed, knowledgeable contractors can inspect your home for signs of foundation failure and offer you free estimates for repair.

This entry was posted in Foundation Repair on March, 28, 2016