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How Does A Foundation Get Repaired?

How Does A Foundation Get Repaired?Getting a foundation repaired is a significant act for any home or building owner, and it requires a knowledgeable, experienced team to do the job properly. AAAction Waterproofing is one such company, but if a foundation needs to be repaired, what exactly do we do to achieve that goal?


The first thing any professional will do is inspect the building to get a clear picture of the situation. Please keep in mind that the assessment and estimate for repairs should be FREE. No responsible company will charge a building owner prior to actually performing the required services. At this stage, an expert would simply note the extent of the damage, assess the condition of the building, and make early estimates as to what would be required in order to repair the damage, then pass this information along to the customers so that they can make an informed decision. If customer agrees with the assessment we move to the next step.


Foundations can move or sink over time due to the soil the foundation was originally built on shifting, moving or changing thanks to erosion, water, lack of water, or any other number of factors. Because so many variables can be involved, the kind of repair required for a foundation will always vary with the individual situation.

One of the most common methods of repair is something known as “Piering.” Using this technique, a team of professionals set up supports underground that push and hold the concrete foundation in place. This is usually considered one of the most complete and comprehensive solutions to repairing a foundation, and often requires no additional maintenance or repairs when done correctly.

Another technique, known as a mud or slabjacking, pours reinforcing material directly into the ground, filling up the space where the soil has shifted and providing a solid base for the foundation or other structure to once again rest on. Depending on the type of situation a foundation is facing, one of these techniques—among a few others—may be suggested as the best way to address your situation.

Of course, the only way to be sure is to have an expert come down to the building examine the condition of the foundation, and make a professional assessment. If you think you’d like to know more about the state of your foundation, AAAction Waterproofing will be more than happy discuss your concerns.

This entry was posted in Foundation Repair on September, 01, 2015