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Four Things To Consider Before Remodeling Your Basement

If you are wanting to remodel or finish your basement, there are some important things you need to consider first. Basement renovations are a very costly endeavor, so it is really important that the conditions of your basement are right for a build. If not, you could end up with an expensive remodel and an unsafe living space. So before beginning your basement remodeling plans, consider these four major things:

1. Is Your Basement Structure Safe?

Before you design your build, you want to make sure your basement is structurally sound. That means that the floor is stable, the supports are sturdy, and the walls are straight. If there are any structural problems with your basement, you will not have a successful renovation. So before you start building, you need to have your basement inspected for structural integrity.

2. Are There Any Cracks In The Foundation?

Cracks in your foundation do not always mean that your home isn’t structurally sound. Some cracks and holes may be the result of natural settling. However, these cracks can let in moisture which can cause a lot of damage to your new remodel. If your foundation has cracks and moistures gets in, it can ruin your drywall, paneling, paint, flooring, and wallpaper. So before doing a remodel you need to have all the cracks and holes along your foundation sealed.

3. Is There Any Moisture?

Moisture is the last thing you want in your basement before you do an expensive remodel because it can cause untold damage. So before you begin any work you need to check for any signs of moisture. Check for leaks and water stains, any standing water or flooding, and condensation along the windows and the walls. Also smell the air to see if it smells damp or musty. Ideally, you should have your basement inspected by a waterproofing expert before you do any remodeling, just to make sure. If there is any moisture issues, you need to have them repaired before you begin your renovation.

4. Has There Been Any Water Damage In The Past?

You don’t need to just worry about the current presence of water, you also need to worry if there’s been water damage in the past. If there’s been leaks along the walls at any point, you need to have the source of those leaks repaired. If your basement has ever flooded, you need to consider checking your sump pump. You also need to make sure there’s no mold from past flooding, because the spores could still be there. So you need to make sure any source of basement moisture is taken care of before you begin your build.

If you take these four things into consideration before you begin your basement remodel, you can fix any small issues before they become expensive problems. Though to be really sure that your investment is protected, you want to hire a basement waterproofing expert. At AA Action Waterproofing, our knowledge, friendly staff can do a full check of your basement to make sure that there are no issues before your remodel. We can also put together a comprehensive strategy to fix any issues we find, so that you can renovate your basement confidently. So before starting your basement remodel, call us for a free consultation!

This entry was posted in Foundation Repair on September, 12, 2016