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Foundation Repair: Top Tips To Avoid Foundation Issues

The foundation is one of the most important, yet  most overlooked parts of a property. Sometimes, as it is, “out of sight, out of mind,”  homeowners and building owners can forget that it is even there. Those who neglect building foundation issues can experience severe and extensive damage to their property. Foundation issues can result due to a number of reasons, including drainage problems, pre-construction soil preparation, plumbing leaks, and plant roots withdrawing water from the soil. Most homeowners only think about the foundation when something goes wrong. Because fixing foundations can be quite costly,proper maintenance is important. You can prevent foundation issues by taking some precautions.

As the experts in Foundation Repair in Virginia , we have experienced a fair share of common foundation problems. To help avoid severe foundation issues,  AA Action Waterproofing suggest these rock-solid tips:

Yearly Plumbing Checks

One of the most important tips to prevent foundation issues involves annual plumbing system inspections of your house- both inside and out. Pooling water, low-faucet pressure, and moldy walls are all signs of plumbing problems, but some leaks are not so clear. Leaking pipes and leaks under the floors and walls are not dangerous for a foundation, but they do destroy other parts of the building. And, left unchecked can cause you to to have to pay a fortune in water expenses. That’s why yearly plumbing checks are so important. Detecting the issue early can prevent large expenses down the road. To detect hidden water damage, try to turn off all water based systems and appliances throughout the home. Then, perform a water meter reading. If you experience a high reading in the water meter, you need to contact a professional expert to resolve the issue.

Keep The Foundation Properly Watered

This is especially relevant in  the summer months. It’s a great idea to introduce watering to your foundation. Homeowners and building owners should invest in a good sprinkler system for maintaining the entire garden or yard, or keep a sprinkler hose ( soaker hose) handy for adding moisture to the foundation. This moisture prevents extreme shrinking and drying of the soil around your foundation. Consider an extra watering time during the dry summer days.

Plant Shrubs And Trees Far Away From Your Home

Plants and shrubs around the foundation can enhance the look of your home, but shrub and tree roots tend to compete with the soil for moisture. This constant competition can cause the foundation to settle in an uneven manner and results in large cracks. Therefore, it is a wise decision to plant trees and shrubs very far away from your house.

Routinely Maintain Drainage System

You should maintain all drainage systems to ensure they are functioning well and moving water away from the foundation as they are designed to. Avoid water collection near your foundation, as expanded soil can put stress on the walls. A good and regular service allows the draining system to remove the unwanted water and stabilize the moisture.

A major foundation problem is probably the worst nightmare of a homeowner. These issues, if left unattended can affect the value of your home and can worsen with time. Our team of experts at AA Action WaterProofing can assist you with more tips to avoid foundation issues.

This entry was posted in Foundation Repair on June, 28, 2018