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What You Can Do When You Find Yourself With A Flooded Basement

What You Can Do When You Find Yourself With A Flooded BasementWhether from a storm, a burst pipe, or snow melt, when you find yourself with a flooded basement, it’s never a pleasant experience. There are some steps that you can take before calling in the professionals, and we at AA Action Waterproofing want to make sure that you’re prepared in the instance you ever find yourself in such a situation. A flooded basement isn’t only messy, it can be dangerous as well, and we want you to be prepared to get your basement back into usable, and dry, shape once again.

The first thing you should do if you find yourself with a flooded basement is to pay close attention to your safety and the safety of your family. A flooded basement can cause a number of different health or safety hazards such as:

  • Shock – If you have electrical components located in your basement, coming into contact with the flood water can lead to electric shock, which can be severe enough to be fatal or lead to a hospitalization.
  • Pollutants – Flood waters in a basement can be polluted with sewage or other health hazardous materials. In these instances, it’s best to protect yourself with boots, gloves, face masks, and other protective articles of clothing before coming into contact with the water.
  • Gas leaks – Basement flooding can cause gas leaks if your home is heated using gas, and if you should smell gas when in your basement area, it’s important to report it right away.
  • Structural damage – While this is rare, it does exist, and structural damage in a flooded basement can lead to structural collapse.

After the hazards to your health and safety have been thoroughly identified or inspected, you can then continue on with the flooding cleanup process. At AA Action Waterproofing, our professionals can help you to clean up your basement flooding in a way that allows your basement to be returned to optimal condition, and we can even help to waterproof your basement to avoid future costly cleanup expenses.

If you have home or renter’s insurance, you’ll also want to report the flooding to your insurance company right away. Each insurance provider will have different claim procedures and steps to take throughout the course of the process, but making sure to notify them in a prompt fashion is universally important.

If you have experienced a basement flooding, you can rely on us at AA Action Waterproofing to get the cleanup process underway as quickly as possible. For more information regarding the flooded basement or waterproofing process, call us today and we’ll be happy to help.

This entry was posted in Water Damage on December, 15, 2014