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How To Drain Water Away From Your Home

how-to-drain-water-away-from-your-homeYou might feel like your basement is simply at the whim of the weather and the best thing you can do is make sure your pipes don’t leak and that your windows are sealed. Maryland weather can certainly cause some damage to basements, with the humid, rainy summers and winters filled with snow. But part of keeping your basement dry also entails getting the precipitation that does fall to get away from the base of your home. Draining water away from the area around your house decreases your chances of water ever getting near your foundation.

Ways To Drain Water Away From The Home

  1. Use your gutters. This is actually what they’re there for! Make sure they’re clean and can drain water properly, and they will send water down and away from your home.
  2. Downspout drains. These are extensions to gutters, so they’ll obviously only work if your gutters are in good shape as well. They will help water get further away from your house—usually an extra 4-10 feet. If you’re considering downspout drains, keep in mind where they send the water. Consider directing them to your garden as opposed to your driveway, as during winter months this has the potential to turn into ice.
  3. Correct slopes. Water naturally accumulates at the bottom of hills, so if you have piles of dirt bed that create a trench, you’re simply asking for water to gather there.
  4. Sump pump. This is a drainage system that will send water that falls near your home further away.

Why It’s Worth Keeping Water Away

Even the smallest amounts of water can cause damage to your home, and it’s unfortunately not an easy or cheap thing to fix. At AA Action Waterproofing, we believe in preventing and preparing rather than repairing. Even a tiny action, like cleaning gutters regularly, will play an important role in keeping your home and your foundation dry. Putting in the effort to prevent problems will definitely cost you less in the long-term. Additionally, waterproofing your basement is an excellent way of preventing damage as well, and will keep you covered in the event that your gutters, drains, or sump pump fail. Learn more about the waterproofing services we provide at AA Action Waterproofing, and call us today at 888-922-5517 for a free quote.

This entry was posted in Structural Damage on June, 04, 2016