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The Most Common Culprits For A Leaky Basement

Culprits For A Leaky BasementWhen you first notice water or moisture somewhere in your basement, you’re lucky if it’s coming from an obvious place. Unfortunately, it can sometimes be hard to find the source of the problem because it’s not always a burst pipe that is gushing water; instead, in many cases it’s a slow, small problem that builds into a bigger issue later. We’ve compiled some of the common reasons you find that you have a leaky basement.

Broken Gutters

Actually your gutters do a lot more for the foundation of your home than you might think! Gutters catch rainwater and get it as far away from the base of your home as possible. If your gutters are rusted, broken, or clogged, then that means water is trickling down closer to the foundation of your home. A tiny crack in the foundation or a window that isn’t sealed perfectly can then allow that moisture into your basement to slowly accumulate.


This is an obvious one. Sometimes pipes do burst in weather extremes, but oftentimes we overlook small drips coming from our pipes. Why? Because we simply don’t notice them. To avoid this issue, do a routine check of all of your pipes each month. It won’t take you long, but you’re sure to catch any issues early on, allowing you to take preventative measures.


Even though it may look like your windows are shut tight, it’s always wise to caulk the edges to prevent any moisture from entering your home. This is especially helpful during humid summertime months in Maryland or when snow on your house starts to melt. Making your windows more airtight will prevent unwanted water from getting into your basement and causing an even bigger issue.


This is one that you really might not think about, but it certainly has the potential to harm your basement. Whether it’s the hot and humid Maryland summers or dealing with the freezes of winter, extreme weathers can wreak havoc on your basement and foundation. Then, even the tiniest of cracks can allow moisture in, causing even more damage to your property. The best way to battle erratic weather damage is a professional basement waterproofer with many years in business who also is up on trends in the waterproofing industry.

Stop leaky basement culprits in their tracks by having your basement waterproofed. Learn more about how to solve a leaky basement on our site.

This entry was posted in Structural Damage on April, 28, 2016