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What To Consider When Renovating And Waterproofing Your Basement

So you are thinking about renovating your basement? This can be a great decision in order to take advantage of all that extra space at the bottom of your home. Whether you are planning to turn your basement into an entertainment center, guest room or a home office, there are few important details you are going to need to consider first like waterproofing your basement.

Is It Safe?

Before you go making any renovations, you need to ensure that your basement and the surrounding structure is stable. After all, you don’t want to be halfway done with the remodel only to realize that the pillars are shaky or that the floors are weak.

Are There Any Cracks In The Foundation?

Check diligently for any holes or cracks that could lead to water leakage. While a little water may not seem like something to worry about, it can greatly damage all the hard work you put into this remodel. For example, if you had decided to put up some beautiful wallpaper, a ‘little water leakage’ would be all it takes for that wallpaper to be ruined in a month’s time.

Not only can this be a nightmare to deal with, but you end up just wasting all the money you have invested into your remodel.

Is It Dry?

Moisture can be a huge issue when it comes to basements, especially when it comes to all the heavy rains and snow that plague the East Coast area. While newer homes tend to come with proper drainage systems and professionally waterproofed basements, older homes may not have benefited from these services. If your home has not been waterproofed, you seek out professionals who can work on waterproofing your basement and foundation in order to keep your basement dry for years to come.

Is Everything To Your Liking?

While keeping your basement safe and dry should always be top priority when you are considering a basement renovation, it is still important that you are happy with the remodel. For example, while basement floors are typically made of concrete, you still have other choices available to you. Make sure to do your research and see what options are best for your basement renovation needs and desires.

The most important step to any home renovation is thoughtful planning before the actual work begins. Here at AAAction Waterproofing, we would love to help with your remodel by treating your basement to the high qualify foundation and basement waterproofing that will keep things moisture-free during and after your renovation.

This entry was posted in Foundation Repair on September, 22, 2016