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Concrete Is Tough, But Not Indestructible

Concrete Is Tough, But Not IndestructibleAlthough concrete is a somewhat durable building material, it is far from indestructible. In fact, over time concrete can crack, wear away, and even degrade to such an extent that it will require extensive repairs to return it to its original state. Of course, it’s not only aging concrete that needs work. In many cases, even new concrete slabs and other concrete structures may require repair.

Since your home’s concrete slab (quite literally) serves as its supporting foundation, it is crucial that you keep it in good repair. If you notice cracks or chips in your basement foundation, inside or outside, you should probably get in touch with a qualified concrete repair contractor (sooner rather than later) to ensure that these cracks or chips are not indicators of a more serious underlying problem. In a similar vein, if you notice cracks in your basement’s concrete flooring, call in a contractor to ensure that this is nothing more than routine wear and tear.

Left unchecked, damage to your home’s concrete can result in thousands of dollars in expensive repairs. For this reason alone, it’s far better to catch problems with your concrete before they grow to massive proportions. Although you might be tempted to head out to your favorite big box hardware store and pick up a bucket of mix-it-yourself concrete to fill in small cracks, this is probably not the best idea. If the problem is, in fact serious, applying do-it-yourself measures is a bit like applying a tiny band-aid to a serious laceration.

Instead, you should contact a qualified concrete repair contractor at the first signs of concrete damage. In fact, if you are considering purchasing a home, or if you are building a new home, consider bringing in a qualified concrete repair contractor as a part of your pre-purchase team to ensure to ensure that your future home has a solid foundation. AA Action Waterproofing is a trusted concrete repair contractor with over 27 years experience keeping Maryland’s foundations strong.

This entry was posted in Foundation Repair on November, 19, 2015