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Can You Sell A Home With Water Or Foundation Damage?

Can You Sell A Home With Water Or Foundation Damage?People forgo waterproofing their basement for a number of reasons, but the most common one is cost. It’s not always the cheapest home renovation option on the list, and many people skip it. They think they can simply ignore water damage, or they cross their fingers and hope nothing bad ever happens to their basement.

But think about this: would you ignore issues with your expensive laptop or problems with a pricey pair of shoes? You’d want to get those problems taken care of as quickly as possible to prevent them from falling apart even more and to make your life easier. Well, your home is far more expensive than a computer or pair of shoes, and you should put the same mindset toward keeping it in great condition. It’s the most valuable thing you own, and neglecting issues will only allow them to snowball into bigger ones.

It’s for this reason that we highly recommend anyone in the Maryland area get their basement waterproofed. A dry, clean basement that’s free of moisture, mold, and critters not only makes a house a home, but it increases the value of your home and will keep your home in working order for years to come.

Although you might not be considering selling your house right now, it may eventually be a decision you make later on. At that point, you’ll be wishing you’d invested the money to waterproof your basement because homes with water or foundation damage will be priced lower and could even scare off potential buyers.

Moisture in your basement can lead to many issues, including:

  • Mold. It can take as little as 24 hours before mold starts to grow after water has been introduced into an area.
  • Bugs and rodents. Unwanted guests will happily make a home in a dark, cool space with a water source.
  • Smells. Musty smells are notorious signs of excess water.
  • Ruined belongings. From furniture to family memories, these won’t stand up well to a leaky basement.
  • Foundation damage. Water can make its way into any small crack, contracting with temperature, and creating severe problems for the foundation of your home.

As you can imagine, none of this is particularly appealing to prospective home buyers. Even just the signs of moisture, like the smell or a little mold, can indicate a much bigger issue that a new homeowner may not feel like dealing with. This means selling your home can become quite the challenge.

Instead of waiting and allowing issues to accumulate in your home, consider hiring a professional waterproofer. AA Action Waterproofing serves the Maryland area and is prepared to help keep your home in the best—and most dry—shape possible. Call us for a free quote today! 888-922-5517

This entry was posted in Water Damage on May, 26, 2016