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When Is The Best Time To Waterproof Your Basement?

When Is The Best Time To Waterproof Your Basement?It can seem like there’s really never a perfect time to waterproof your basement. It either feels too expensive or there’s just been a heavy rainfall and your basement is still wet. Many homeowners want to know when the best time to waterproof their basement is, and the truth is: the sooner the better. The longer you wait, the more time you’re sitting around and inviting some serious damage to happen. That said, though, there are some times that are somewhat more preferable than others to look into getting your basement waterproofed.

Many people think of waterproofing their basement in the summer because of the heavy rains and humidity, but it’s quite difficult to waterproof an already wet basement. Rain is one of the biggest problems that contractors face when waterproofing a basement, and Maryland can experience some rainstorms each summer. Rainfall means:

  • Water entering the cracks of the foundation and other parts of the structure of your home.
  • Certain repair methods won’t be viable because of wet surfaces. For example, an epoxy crack injection can only adhere to dry surfaces, so this method cannot be considered.
  • Clay will be set and then remain wet, which is almost impossible to work with.
  • Sandy soils can be susceptible to cave-ins, especially after heavy rains. This is a high danger for those working on your home.
  • Foundation coatings will have trouble adhering to foundation walls.
  • The site will simply be messier because of wet soil.

It’s not impossible to do basement waterproofing after rainfall, but it is not an easy task. Remember that it’s always better to prepare than repair, so if you’re considering basement waterproofing to help battle summer rains, do it before they arrive!

Additionally, wintertime poses its own issues with basement waterproofing. The ground is considerably colder and certain adhesives behave differently in cooler weather. During winter:

  • Water based coatings cannot be used and instead your contractor must use a solvent based product. These take at least 48 hours to set, and this means your foundation is exposed for that entire amount of time.
  • Freezing temperatures and snow simply add to complications of waterproofing, and if you are not working with skilled professionals they may look for shortcuts to speed up the process.
  • Freeze and thaw cycles increase the chances of cave-ins, which are inherently dangerous and pose a whole slew of other problems if and when they occur.

Just as it is not impossible to waterproof your basement during humid summer months, it is still possible to do the same in the winter months. It can be, however, much more difficult in these types of extremes—which can add on to the time and cost required. If you’re looking for the prime time to get this type of work done, the spring and fall are ideal times in Maryland, but a professional like AA Action Waterproofing can handle all types of projects any time of year. Contact us today at 877-344-9654.

This entry was posted in Basement Waterproofing on May, 14, 2016