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The Basics Of French Drain Maintenance

The purpose of installing French drains is to help keep water away from your home. They will typically involve the use of an excavator and a bit of fill that will help keep the soil around the foundation dry. While French drains are meant to last for around 10 years or more, there are a few ways that you can ensure they stay in tip top shape.

Knowing Your Drain

The best way for you to maintain your French drains is to know a little bit about them. Try to find out where the water is draining out from and make sure that the area remains clear of any debris. Extra dirt, sticks, tree branches, and more can end up blocking the drainage of water and cause it to back up instead.

Drainage Problems

If you have been experiencing any drainage problems, you have an issue with your drain pipe. If you are able to pinpoint the area where the blockage seems to be occurring, you can dig down to see if you can better spot what is causing the problem. However, before you end up digging up the entire drain, you may want to call a professional instead to avoid causing a bigger problem.

Checking Around For Pooling Water

Does there seem to be an area in your yard that seems to be collecting water? You need to make sure that your storm drains are draining away from your house’s foundation. If necessary, you can even add an extension onto the drain pipe in order to encourage the water to drain away from the house’s foundation. If you see an indentation in the ground, make sure to fill it in with rocks to bring it back up to ground level so the water will be free to continue its way.

Keeping up with proper maintenance of your French drains is an important part of keeping your basement moisture free for years to come. However, if you are experiencing any problems with your French drain system or you are looking to waterproof your basement, don’t hesitate to contact us at AAAction Waterproofing today!

This entry was posted in Basement Waterproofing on August, 30, 2016