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3 Tips To Keep Your Basement Dry In A Storm

If you hear that a storm is coming your way, there are a few things you can do to help prepare yourself and prevent water from heading into your basement. The main thing you have to remember is to keep as much water as possible away from the foundation of your home. With a few of these helpful tips, you should have no problem keeping moisture out of your basement during the storm.

1. Remove Any Debris

Any debris or branches that is leaning up against the foundation of your home could cause ruts in the ground. When water finds these ruts, they will be able to move in closer to your foundation and possibly leak into your basement.

2. Check The Drains

Before the storm hits, make sure that your storm drains and gutters are not blocked. While you should already be cleaning these out regularly to ensure they are draining properly, it is especially to make sure they are in working order before it rains. If these drains are not in working order, then the water will begin to build up and will need to find a different place to go which includes your foundation. If your drains normally empty out near your house’s foundation, you may want to look into getting some extensions to keep the draining water as far from your home as possible.

3. Clean Out The Curtain Drain

If your home has a curtain drain, you will need to make sure that the spout stays clear of any debris. If there are tree branches in the pipe or the snow has built up around it, this will force water to drain into your foundation. Keeping the curtain drain open and clear will help to keep your basement dry in the storm.

Of course, one of the best ways to ensure your basement is ready for a storm is to invest in some quality waterproofing from the experts at AAAction Waterproofing! We have been proudly keeping basements moisture free since 1987 and would love to help your foundation stand up to the rain and snow. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for you.

This entry was posted in Structural Damage on August, 31, 2016