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Are You In Need Of Foundation Repair?

Are You In Need Of Foundation Repair?Just as a person does, a house will settle as it ages. When you think that your home is just a tiny bit uneven, it’s just a simple matter of life and often times, nothing to worry about. It’s the bigger issues that you might come across that you’ll want to check and double-check in order to determine if you have a problem that requires the attention of a professional.

Small Signs

Obvious signs include cracks in the floors or walls, especially over doors, windows, or in the area where the wall and ceiling meets. Less obvious is when your windows begin to stick or cease to close completely when they used to open and close just fine, or when a door won’t latch or starts to jam. These signs signal that something might be going on with your foundation and it’s time to take a closer look.

Bigger Signs

Check the outside of your foundation for bulges or curves, which can indicate a shift. Look for uniform levels in the walls, straight in all directions, and not leaning in any way. Look for chipping and flaking in your poured foundation and poke it with a screwdriver or another sharp object to check for strength. If it can be chipped or broken, you may have a problem. Look at the supports and posts in the crawlspace and check for moisture or rotting wood beams.

Understand The Minor Cracks

If there are thin cracks between concrete blocks, chances are you have nothing to worry about. If there are cracks at an L-shape section, you might be looking at cracks that are due to shrinkage; though they aren’t detrimental to your structure, you might consider foundation repair for moisture purposes.

And The Major Cracks

Cracks that appear to look like stair-steps that are found in masonry joints are of concern. If they are wider than ¼ inch or if the wall is protruding out, it’s a sign of pressure. Cracks that are horizontal are the most cause for worry and show that there is a definite problem with the foundation. Seek the advice of a professional to determine the best route of repair.

When the serious cracks appear, go to a professional service that can help you understand what needs to be done and walk you through the process. AA Action Waterproofing of Maryland has a reputation throughout the surrounding area for being able to diagnose and repair foundations quickly and correctly. Weather fluctuations in our area can cause foundation problems of all kinds, and we’ve seen it all. Call us for a consultation today. Our experienced staff can help you get your house back to being a home, with less worry and a foundation that is stronger than ever.

This entry was posted in Foundation Repair on December, 09, 2015