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6 Warning Signs you need Foundation Repair

If you are buying or selling a new home, or have been settled in for a while, it is essential to know about possible signs of foundation problems. Repairing the foundation can be time-consuming and expensive, especially for people who are not aware of the basics. If left ignored a settled or shifted foundation can cause big problems across other parts of your home. At Action Waterproofing, we believe that necessary measures will definitely save you from daily headaches due to expensive foundation repair. Early detection of these problems will save you you money and time in long run.

Here are 6 critical  signs that suggest your home or building may need foundation repair.  

1. Poor Water Drainage
Poor water drainage can be a leading cause of foundation problem. So, it is very important to notice drainage problems you may have. In order to inspect or check out drainage problems, you must regularly check around your home or commercial surroundings for wet soil (if there is no rain recently) or, dry soil (if rain has fallen).

2. Visible Cracks
Any visible cracks in the exterior or interior walls of your property are another common sign that you need a foundation repair. Inspect regularly your building or home for visible formations of cracks in interior or exterior walls. Drywall, plaster and stucco and bricks can also crack if there is an urgent need of foundation repair.

3. Windows and Doors are Sticking out
Another common noticeable sign of foundation repair need is your doors and windows that stick shut. This generally happens as the foundation settles and the gravitational force weighs down on the windows and doors and affects them.

4. Wrinkling Poster or Wallpaper
This is one of the most common signs of Foundation problem. Your Poster and wallpaper may begin to show considerable damage, because of shifting floors and cracked walls in your home. The wallpaper or poster will rip, wrinkle or even wrinkle in some places. This is a clear hint that means your floor and walls may have severe damage as well.

5. Uneven Patio and outdoor steps
This is the another common sign of foundation repair. The outdoor steps and patio often separate or appear uneven from the building or home if there is some foundation problem. You may also notice the titling of concrete panels may also start occurring.

6. Major Gaps between the Crown Molding & Ceiling
Exactly like sticking windows and doors, a big visible gap between the ceiling and crown molding is a warning sign of your foundation repair. This indicates that your foundation is settling and cannot bear the heavy weight of your home. If you notice this kind of separation, you should contact a foundation repair company as soon as possible before the problem turn more severe.

Regular foundation repair are very important to maintain your property. If left uncorrected, these problems will get worse with time. It is equally important to be aware of the critical signs and get rid of foundation problems. The Professional at Action Waterproofing are there to help you! Contact us today!

This entry was posted in Foundation Repair on December, 08, 2017