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The 5 Warning Signs Of Foundation Damage

The 5 Warning Signs Of Foundation DamageFoundation damage can be a big problem all on its own, but if left unaddressed, even minor foundation damage can lead to much bigger problems down the line. So when you are doing your routine proper inspection, make sure to check for foundation damage with the help of these common warning signs.

1. Crumbling, cracked or compromised foundation

While you are doing a routine property inspection, you should begin with the foundation itself. As your foundation is should be built to last, it should never show any noticeable signs of structural damage like hairline fractures, cracks, ruptures, gaps, crumbling, pools of water, mold, or sagging or sloping of the foundation floors or walls.

2. Water damage

Often improper water drainage is the cause of foundation failure. This happens when the soil surrounding the home begins to rapidly expand during wet spells and contracts during the dry ones. This can end up leading to unnatural soil shirting, a process that greatly pressures the underlying foundation. Additionally, improper water drainage is also a telltale sign that foundation failure has already occurred.

Whether it is the symptom or the cause, a homeowner can check for signs of water damage by inspecting the soil around the property. If it seems unnaturally wet when it has rained recently or unnaturally dry after a heavy rainfall, it is likely that your water drainage system is not working properly.

3. Warped ceilings and sagging floors

When there are issues with the foundation, you can sometimes see the effects in some of the upper levels of the home too. This often comes in the form of warped ceilings or sagging floors. You should also be on the lookout for any exposed gaps in the interior walls near where the walls meet with the ceiling and floor.

4. Crumbing, cracked or buckling walls

Because properties tend to settle with time, building materials are often designed to ‘give’ a little naturally. However, excessive settling can be another common sign of foundation problems. The most obvious of these symptoms being manifested in cracks, buckling, and crumbling within the upper walls of the home. So you should make sure to routinely inspect the interior and exterior walls for cracks, fissures, warps, shifts, crumbling, decay, and water damage.

5. Improperly fitting windows and doors

Throughout the home, all the windows and doors should fit snugly in place. However, when foundation damage happens, doors and windows can end up being too tight or too loose. This can lead to a lot of heat loss during the winter and end up costing you a lot in energy and heating bills. When you are inspecting these areas of the home, make sure to include garage doors, HVAC vents, and attic windows as well.

When you start seeing the warning signs in your Maryland home, don’t hesitate to contact us at AAAction Waterproofing! Foundation damage can cause huge problems if neglected. That’s why we offer a lifetime warranty on our foundation work so you can continue enjoying a moisture-free home for a long time. Contact us today to learn more about your basement waterproofing options.

This entry was posted in Structural Damage on July, 05, 2016