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The 5 Biggest Problems A Leaky Basement Can Cause

The 5 Biggest Problems A Leaky Basement Can CauseIf you’re a homeowner, you already know full well that any problem with your home could be a major cause for concern. That’s especially true when water begins to find its way inside your home. The basement is the most common area of the home that will suffer from water damage, and a leaky basement is all too common in the Maryland area.

That’s due to a few things, including our harsh winters that can lead to serious freezing, basement wall damage, heavy water during the spring freeze, and our large spring and summer rainfall totals – an average of more than 40 inches per year.

Here at AA Action Waterproofing, we’ve seen the numerous problems that a leaking basement can cause and want you to be aware of why it’s so important that you stop a leaking basement as soon as you can.

Here are the biggest problems a leaky basement can cause:

1. Personal Belongings Damage – If you’re like most of us, you probably have at least a few items stored in the basement. When water starts to come in, it can quickly ruin anything you have stored. The financial cost can be high, but sentimental items may be ruined for good and are irreplaceable.

2. Structural Damage – Rot is a serious problem when a leak is ignored or undiscovered. The rot can lead to major structural problems and could turn your home into a much more dangerous place to live.

3. Mold And Mildew Growth – Mold and mildew growth can quickly overtake the basement, growing on the wood, drywall, carpet, and more. Removing mold is difficult, time consuming, and expensive.

4. Respiratory Problems – That mold and mildew growth can cause major health issues to occur as well, particularly respiratory health problems. In some cases homes have been condemned due to mold growth.

5. Financial Trouble – All of the above points and more combine to create a huge financial burden on homeowners. From repairing structural damage to removing mold, the costs of a leak can be high.

These five points should illustrate just why you need to repair a leaking basement as soon as you possibly can. Preventing a leak from continuing is far cheaper than the problems it can cause, so don’t hesitate to contact us today to get the waterproofing results your basement needs.

This entry was posted in Basement Waterproofing, Water Damage on June, 27, 2014