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Here’s Why You Need Mold Remediation Fast After A Basement Flood

Here’s Why You Need Mold Remediation Fast After A Basement FloodEvery day that your basement remains flooded could significantly add to the repair bills that you might need. However, there is another factor that worsens literally every hour during a flood.

That factor is mold — and depending on the conditions within your basement, the mold that you see could develop into some of the most dangerous kinds for human beings and animals.

Some forms of mold irritate the airways, but take a long time to cause problems in healthy individuals. On the other hand, there are forms of mold that can cause serious problems almost right away.

Some of the most dangerous mold around is the greenish-black stachybotrys chartarum, usually known simply as “black mold.” In most places around the U.S., you can’t sell a home with this stuff in it — and its health effects can happen quickly.

Mold Gets Started Within Just A Few Minutes When Your Basement Floods

Mold already exists in the environment outside, so it starts to take root in your home right away when flooding takes place. Mold is a kind of fungus — just like mushrooms — so it favors dark and damp conditions. However, mold can also easily occur inside walls where you can’t see it.

Black molds are especially prone to cause fungal infections. Anyone who has immune system issues or lung problems is at special risk, and the risk of mold begins right away. Don’t go into a flooded basement unless you absolutely have to: Leave it to the professionals.

Mold Is Dangerous: Let AA Action Waterproofing Help You Resolve It For Good Today

Even just a few days of exposure to mold can lead to major health problems that might linger long after the fact. Plus, there are many situations in which you could be especially vulnerable to problems caused by mold.

If mold is allowed to fester in your home, it could even make it uninhabitable. That’s one of the biggest risks that you could ever deal with as a homeowner — and we can help you see it through and stay safe.

AA Action Waterproofing offers a complete suite of services to eliminate standing water from your basement after a flood, waterproof it to prevent future problems, and eliminate any trace of mold that might be in the air.

Are you in Maryland, Washington DC, Northern Virginia, Delaware, Pennsylvania, or New Jersey? Email us or give us a call to get your free estimate. We’re always glad to help!

This entry was posted in Mold Remediation on September, 29, 2014