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What Will I Spend To Clean Up My Basement?

What Will I Spend To Clean Up My Basement?A flooded basement is a costly experience, and costly not just in the financial sense, but in the physical one as well. When your basement floods or leaks, you’re going to have to clean out, dry out, or throw out everything, leaving you in a position to take on a lot of property damage and really hard work. The cost of cleaning up a basement after a flood or leak can range between around $1,500, not included property damage, to $20,000, and it all depends on a very unpredictable factor – what type of flood or leak you’re dealing with.

When your basement has water coming in, a huge deciding factor will be if it’s clean water or dirty water. If it’s clean, or mostly clean water, you may be looking at a clean-up process only in the area of $1,500, with not a whole lot of damaged property you’ll need to completely throw away. If it’s dirty water, perhaps crossed with an outdoor sewage line, you’re more likely to face a bill closer to the $20,000 range in order to cover proper clean-up.

On top of these clean-up costs, you’ll also want to avoid having to pay for another cleanup session. You never know when a heavy rainstorm or snow melt may hit in Maryland, and in just a few months’ time you could be looking at starting the whole clean-up process all over again. Because of this, basement waterproofing is recommended, as this small investment can save you a great deal of future clean-up investments in the near or far future.

If you’re tired of the expense of clean-up, or you don’t want to face it at all, basement waterproofing is your answer. To learn more about basement waterproofing and what it can provide to your home and your wallet, contact us today at AAActionWaterproofing.com!

This entry was posted in Basement Waterproofing, Water Damage on January, 19, 2016