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What Should You Do Before Finishing Your Basement?

If you’ve decided that it’s time to finish your basement, you’re making a very wise decision. That’s a lot of extra room that can be put to good use in your home. It can also add a lot of value financially if you ever think you might put your home up for sale.

But all of these perks are predicated on the idea that a finished basement is actually an improvement, and not a running expense that will need constant repair. There are a few steps you should take before you go ahead and start finishing your basement.

Ensure Your Foundation Is In Good Shape

You want to do this before, not after a basement is finished. If you see cracks in the walls or floor of your basement, these indicate problems with your foundation you do not want to ignore. Foundation problems should be addressed before you being the other work, otherwise it will be more expensive to correct these problems in the long run as they grow worse.

Make Sure Your Basement Has Water Protection

Whether it is a vapor barrier, a French drain with sump pump, or repairs to your concrete for honeycombs, the last thing you want is to put up drywall, only to have to tear it down and put up more drywall when you realize every time it rains, the water soaks through the concrete and into your wall or even floor. Make sure your basement stays dry before you go to the expense of putting in finishes extremely susceptible to water damage.

Leave Your Environmental Systems Alone

You may be tempted to use up all the space in your basement, but when it comes to your furnace and/or HVAC systems, you should leave these spaces unfinished. There are building code requirements for giving these units enough space to operate and that’s with good reason; when it comes to air circulation this machines need the space. Respect that need.

This entry was posted in Basement Waterproofing on July, 17, 2016