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What Maryland Seasons Can Do To Your Basement

What Maryland Seasons Can Do To Your Basement Maryland’s mid-Atlantic region is rough on basements, and the frequent moisture experienced in this part of the country can allow water to make its way into your home easily. We at AA Action Waterproofing want to break down what each season can do to your un-waterproofed basement, and how waterproofing can help you to get through each season in a dry and safe way:

  • Winter – Winter is full of deep freezes and snow melts, two things that can really do a number on an un-waterproofed basement. When the soil freezes and thaws, it places intense pressure on your home’s foundation forming cracks, and these are the same cracks that will allow moisture into your home when the melts hit and over-saturate the soil.
  • Spring – Spring time is rain time, and the rains that we see in Maryland during the spring can be steady and intense. While a day of light rain is perfect for helping the flowers and plants to grow, a day of steadier rain can oversaturate and find its way into your home easily, particularly if your un-waterproofed home experienced cracking in the foundation during the now-over winter months.
  • Summer – While Maryland summers have plenty of hot dry days, there are plenty of hot wet days, too. The summer season is the season of strong thunderstorms and squalls, and while these intense storms are short lived, they can dump inches of water in just a few moments. If your basement hasn’t been waterproofed, these strong storms can flood your basement before you know it.
  • Fall – The fall season in Maryland is also the season we’re most likely to see the occasional hurricane, and if you think the strong summer storms are bad, the hurricanes are even worse. Strong winds and drenching rains will wreak havoc on your home, and basement waterproofing can help to keep the water from finding its way inside.

No matter the season, it’s always a good time to have your basement waterproofed. At AA Action Waterproofing, we’re here to help you to keep your basement fresh and dry during any season, so call us today to see what we can do for you!

This entry was posted in Basement Waterproofing on February, 05, 2016