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West River Mold Remediation

Why Choose AA Action Waterproofing?

West River residents, have you had issues with water intrusion into your home and think you may need mold remediation services? AA Action Waterproofing is a proven leader in mold remediation in West River and throughout the Chesapeake Bay. There are two big reasons to choose AA Action Waterproofing: we are experienced with mold remediation in West River and are knowledgeable about the issues that affect the local environment.

So, you may be thinking, what is mold remediation, and why would I need it? Well, mold spores can form quickly even after a minimal amount of water intrusion. These spores can transform into growths in as little as 24 to 48 hours after water exposure. What mold remediation does for your home is it first removes mold from your home, and then attempts to prevent any future mold from growing through waterproofing the flooded space.

How Does Mold Remediation Affect You?

To put it simply, mold is a fungus that grows on different multicellular strata, like wood, and can cause a great deal of harm to your home and health. There are many different kinds of mold. For example, dry rot fungus is extremely destructive to a home’s wood structure, while other fungi precipitate bad reactions for some people. These reactions range from skin or eye irritation to fever and shortness of breath.

If mold or water damage is not a concern to you or your home, consider the likeliness of flooding while living near a tributary of the Chesapeake Bay. High sea levels and super storms have the potential of rushing flood and water damage right to your door. For mold remediation in West River, residents should be aware of the risk that is imposed upon them. Sea level rise is an aspect of climate change that is inevitable, and high-risk flood damage zones induce the most cost for insurance.

A 2013 FEMA flood insurance survey of Anne Arundel County showed that hurricanes, like Hurricane Fran in 1996, have wreaked damages upwards of 1.4 million dollars upon your local area. Subsequent storms, such as 2011’s Hurricane Irene and 2012’s Hurricane Sandy, have proven that there is a high flood risk in West River. Mold growth may be an unfortunate inevitability then for many residents, especially for anyone who lives near the West or Rhode rivers.

And another aspect of the flooding issue is storm surge, especially for low-lying areas such as West River. Storm surge can easily track water into your home through leaky windows and walls, as well as back up from sewer and water lines. High tide raises do not incur much increase for flooding to manifest within a city’s water and sewer system. An analysis of high tides through NOAA at Baltimore, from the independent research group Climate Central, found that local sea levels would rise four feet by 2100. If such a rise were to happen, flooding would go up through the West River and potentially into the homes of some 2,000 or more households along the inlet. AA Action Waterproofing thinks about its customers and the potential threats that may face, but how would we remedy a water issue if one took place in your home?

What Does The Mold Remediation Process Look Like?

You may be thinking now that you need or will be seeking mold remediation services in West River sometime in the near future. In order to become prepared for a potential flood, it is advisable to waterproof your home, which can be accomplished within a few hours or at least in a few days. The process of mold remediation starts with using HEPA and wet vacuums to clear out most of the water and parts of the mold from the space. Then, any contaminated materials are discarded and damp wiping cleans the rest of the space for re-use. Finally, the drying out of the affected space is the most crucial part of the process, so any mold spores do not regrow again.

What Are The Benefits To Choosing AA Action Waterproofing?

The experts at AA Action Waterproofing can help prevent you from becoming part of that statistic. Their 27 years of local experience with mold remediation in West River will be able to assist you in the event of any water intrusion emergency.

Also, AA Action Waterproofing follows OSHA and EPA standards, as well as lead safety standards. We have a team of certified experts in mold remediation. We take numerous samples, such as bulk, air, and surface samples, of the mold to best identify the problem and resolve it carefully. Our experience handling mold remediation throughout West River makes our work valuable, because of all the knowledge and thought behind what we do everyday.