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What Waterproofing Action Does Your Home Need?

What Waterproofing Action Does Your Home Need?Thanks to the heavy rains that Maryland has been getting over the early months of summer – including the huge storms that we experienced right after the Fourth of July weekend – it makes sense that you may be thinking about having your basement waterproofed. Protecting your home in this way can help prevent mold growth, add to your home value, and give you a little more peace of mind.

However, at AA Action Waterproofing we know that it can be confusing to understand just what kind of waterproofing your basement really needs. There are several options, and learning more about them will help you understand more about which could be right for you:

• Encapsulation – For crawlspaces, encapsulation is a good idea. It involves spreading a durable rubber membrane over the entirety of the basement and sealing the seams with special tape. Some may go even further and coat this with concrete, but for most just taking the time to spread this specialized vapor barrier can reduce humidity and prevent a variety of problems from occurring.

• Foundation Repair – If your foundation is damaged, repairing it is the first step that has to be taken. Special epoxies and other products are usually enough if a skilled professional is handling the process.

• Sealing – Sealing the outside of the basement walls with a special sealant is the basis of good waterproofing, and then placing a sealing material like a membrane over the exterior wall will also help.

• Drainage – Drainage could be a key part of the process too. Adding French drains can help to direct water away from the foundation or basement and eliminate a lot of issues that regularly occur with a basement leak.

Obviously, talking to the experts is the best way to figure out just what your best option is. Contact us at AA Action Waterproofing today and we’ll provide you with a no-risk consultation that will help tell you more about which of the numerous basement waterproofing steps is the right call for your home.

This entry was posted in Basement Waterproofing, Structural Damage on July, 23, 2014