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Is Water Seepage Causing Your Basement To Smell

Whether you have been using your basement as a comfortable living space or just as a storage space, there should not be a smell that is any different from any other part of the house. That musty ‘basement smell’ that most believe is inevitable, is a warning sign you should not ignore.

What Is The Deal With Water Seepage?

Water can seep into your Maryland basement in a variety of ways. Tiny cracks in the wall can lead to a surprising amount of water. Hydrostatic pressure can also end up forcing its way up through the floor cracks. Your foundation may have been made of porous foundation materials such as mortar joints and cement block may allow water to seep through. These are only just a few of the reasons you might find yourself with basement seepage.

Got mold?

Did you know that water is one of the most important requirements for mold to grow? The second requirement is warmth and it just so happens that basements have both. So when your basement starts leaking, it won’t be long before you have mold on your hands.

Mold greatly harms the quality of your air and can cause health issues for both you and your family. In fact, mold is the biggest reason why your basement is smelling a bit ‘musty’ lately. Additionally, mold can damage your walls, carpeting and any personal belongings you may have been storing in the basement.

Got flooding?

Even if your basement is only flooding up to 2 inches of water, it can cause a costly amount of damage to your basement including the foundation of your home, the structure of the walls, and any personal belongings that were kept at the bottom.

Additionally, most insurance agencies do not cover the cost of flooding damage which will leave you footing the bill for everything. Even if your insurance does cover the costs, there are just some things that cannot be replaced including family photos and handmade gifts.

Don’t Hesitate To Call AAAction Waterproofing At The First Sign Of Water Seepage!

Here at AAAction Waterproofing, we are well-aware of the consequences of water seepage and how it could affect the quality of your Maryland basement. That is why we are dedicated to bringing you the quality waterproofing and mold remediation services you need.

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This entry was posted in Mold & Mildew on September, 26, 2016