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The Warning Signs Of Basement Flooding

The Warning Signs Of Basement FloodingSo you have just put the finishing touches on your brand new entertainment center or extra guest room in the basement of your Maryland home. Sadly, a leak has found its way in and is now flooding the room and damages all your items and things. Not to mention how frustrated you are to have to walk through the water.

Basements can often be prone to flooding because it is literally the lowest level of the house and is often build underground. This is why it is important to lookout for the warning signs of basement flooding to keep you and your items safe from water damage.

Water will typically take the path that doesn’t require a lot of force and is least resistance. The most common ways for the water to enter through your basement includes through the wall, floor, windows, cracks in the foundation of the house, in the seams between the wall and floor, and with the help clogged rain gutters that end up dumping the water against the foundation.

For this reason, these are the places you should focus on when looking out for signs of basement flooding. However, for a more thorough inspection of your home, these are the 10 warning signs you should searching for:

  1. Water trickling out of the walls of your home
  2. The odor or appearance of mold and mildew
  3. Standing water on the floor
  4. Carpet or wood deterioration
  5. A ring of dampness at the saturated base of concrete block walls
  6. Rot and decay of the wood headers, joists, and columns
  7. Damp and humid air
  8. The blistering and staining of the wall covering
  9. The appearance of condensation on cold walls and floor during the summer
  10. Efflorescence or the spalling of the concrete or mason

Even just a small amount of water can cause damage to your Maryland home. That is why we at AAAction Waterproofing, are dedicated to helping you preventing flooding and preparing your home for the winter snow and spring rain. Contact us to learn more about our waterproofing services and a free quote today!

This entry was posted in Water Damage on June, 26, 2016