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Why You Want To Get Your Mold Tested

Why You Want To Get Your Mold TestedWhen basements or entire homes go un-waterproofed, a great deal of moisture can seep in to the home through various openings or cracks in the foundation, and this moisture can very quickly lead to mold growth. While many types of mold aren’t necessarily hazardous to one’s health, there are other types which can be very toxic and bothersome to individuals with respiratory illnesses or issues as well as those who normally consider themselves to be quite healthy. These hazardous mold forms can make your family more susceptible to illness or even medical emergency, making it particularly important that you have your mold tested by professionals like us at AA Action Waterproofing to determine just what type of mold you may have present in your home.

On top of making sure the mold you have present isn’t especially hazardous to your health, you’ll also want to get mold tested to make sure it can be taken care of properly. There is no definitive agreed upon number regarding the exact amount of different types of mold which exist within nature, but the CDC estimates that this figure could reach up to 300,000 and beyond, with each mold type having its own distinct characteristics. Different molds will grow differently, and spread differently, from one another, and this will often mean that different methods of removal will need to be used to ensure the mold problem is taken care of efficiently. By having your mold tested by the professionals, you can feel confident that your mold has been properly identified, and the best steps can be taken to eradicate the problem in order to leave your home mold-free once more.

Mold testing kits can be found in many hardware and home goods stores, but it is always best to leave this task up to the professionals. At AA Action Waterproofing, we have many years of experience in testing all different types of mold found in homes all around the PA, DE, NJ, Northern VA, DC and MD areas, and we can take a comprehensive approach to determine just what type, or types, of mold we may be working with in your home. Rather than guessing or risking an inaccurate result with a home mold testing kit, you can rest assured that your mold is identified when you call on us to have your mold tested before the eradication process begins.

This entry was posted in Mold & Mildew on October, 24, 2014