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Top 6 Causes Of Leaking Basements

Top 6 Causes Of Leaking Basements Maryland weather can be incredibly wet. While the state gets an average of 41 inches of rain each year, much of that falls within the span of a few wet months. The summer storms that beset the coast each year are prime culprits in this wet weather – just look at the storms that rolled through the Eastern US in early July of 2014 to see how heavy the rainfall can be.

At AA Action Waterproofing, we’ve seen lots of different causes for basement leaks. However, most will come down to a few basic things. Here’s a look at the top 6 causes of leaking basements:

1. Poor Property Grading – The slope of your lawn can have a lot to do with the problem, and it’s an issue that many aren’t even aware of. If the way your property is graded is funneling rainwater towards your basement, it may be causing additional leaking. Of course, the leaks have to come in somewhere, which is why one of the following two points is also usually present.

2. Damaged Foundations – Foundation damage is far too common in Maryland. It’s mainly due to the cold winters here, when freezing temps can cause cracks to form in foundation walls. Then, those cracks fill with moisture which freezes and expands, enlarging the cracks and creating leaks.

3. Improper Waterproofing – Even if you’ve had waterproofing done in the past, a faulty job can often mean that the leaks keep coming. It takes skill and experience to understand the best techniques for a repair or waterproofing application, and more skill to apply the sealant properly.

4. Spring Thaws – The thaw in the spring is a major source of water entering homes, and if damaged foundations or improper waterproofing are present then there’s a good chance that you’ll notice leaks at this time. As the ground thaws and snow melts, moisture in the ground increases. Add that to heavy summer rains and you have a recipe for disaster.

5. Heavy Rain – Speaking of heavy rain, it’s obvious that it’s the primary cause of most leaks when you get right down to it. Heavy rains can mean serious leaks.

6. High Humidity – Even high levels of humidity could contribute to leaking basements. As the moisture builds, it could condensate on the inside of your home, causing leaks when the foundation isn’t even damaged. Good waterproofing will block out this moisture as well.

Of course, while each of these problems is a serious issue, it’s when one or more are combined and are present that the situation becomes even direr. If your home is facing any of these issues or you’ve noticed the signs of a leaking basement, you need to get help fast.

We can help you. Contact us at AA Action Waterproofing today. We’ll help determine the source of your leak and provide you with the solutions for the problem no matter what it is.

This entry was posted in Basement Waterproofing on July, 14, 2014