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Top 4 Signs That You May Have A Leaky Basement

Top 4 Signs That You May Have A Leaky Basement A leaky basement is one of the biggest problems that a homeowner can face. It can lead to huge costs, mold and mildew growth, damage to personal property, and much more. Usually, it’s fairly easy to identify whether or not you have a leaky basement and just where the water is coming from. But in some cases, we’ve seen basements where it was very tricky to determine whether or not leaking existed.

Most of the basement leaks in the Maryland area happen in the spring, as a combination of heavy rains, odd storm fronts, and the buildup of water during the thawing of frozen ground. But as we move into summer, water can still find its way into your home.

Here at AA Action Waterproofing, we want everyone to be aware not only of why it’s so important to prevent water damage in the home, but also how to identify an issue. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of the top 4 signs a leaky basement may be a problem. In some cases you’ll know instantly, but in some instances it’s much harder to identify a problem. This list could help.

1. Dark Spots On Walls Or Floors – If you have bare, exposed concrete or block walls in your basement then you can look for dark spots after a rain or thaw. These dark spots are the moisture spreading through the concrete, permeating its pores, so to speak. If you spot this, it could be a sign that a problem is present.

2. Pools Of Standing Water – Standing water is the obvious sign, and one that you may spot when you head into the basement after a rain. If you see water in areas it shouldn’t be, you know that you need help.

3. Mold And Mildew Growth – There doesn’t have to be standing water for a problem to exist. If you see areas of mold or mildew growth, you can bet that water is finding its way into your home. Mold and mildew could appear on wood, drywall, or on paper and cardboard items you have stored in the basement.

4. “Musky” Smell – There’s really no way to describe this smell, but you’ll know it when you encounter it. If your basement suddenly smells damp and musky, it’s time to call in the professionals.i

We’re ready to help you fight back against water leaks in your basement. If you’re ready to waterproof your basement, contact us here at AA Action Waterproofing today.

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