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Top 4 Most Common Places To Find Mold Problems

Top 4 Most Common Places To Find Mold ProblemsMold? Gross! No one is eager to find mold in their home. Believe it or not, all homes have at least a small bit of mold in them. Though luckily, most of it is minor and harmless. However, some places are more likely to have a mold problem than others.

Here are some of the most common places to find mold in your home.

1) Basements
Basements have all the perfect conditions for mold growth including constant damp environments and not a lot of air circulation. If your property is frequently and easily flooded, water can seep into even the tiniest of cracks in the foundation. Trapped moisture then evaporates, which elevates humidity, and provides a great place for mold to invade.

2) Bathrooms/Showers
The bathroom has plenty of water and humidity which makes them an easy place for mold to grow. Since moisture is an important part of a bathroom’s function, it can be hard for the bathroom to return to normal humidity levels. Not only is the bathroom a hard place to dry out, but they are often not well ventilated so the humidity will constantly linger.

3) Attics
Improper ventilation tend to cause multiple problems in attics. Improper insulation installations can make it worse by causing moisture from the lower levels of your home to rise and become trapped in the attic.

4) Crawl Spaces
Crawl spaces often have higher relative humidity which is conducive to hidden mold growth, especially if the crawl space has a bare earth floor. The soil will absorb and hold in moisture. The relative temperature of the crawl space will dry the soil and instead add this moisture to the air in the crawl space which allows mold to easily grow.

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This entry was posted in Mold & Mildew, Mold Remediation on January, 13, 2016