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The Symptoms Of A Faulty Foundation

The Symptoms Of A Faulty FoundationThe foundation of your home is buried. You can see the foundation by going into the basement and looking at the concrete walls from the inside, but it still doesn’t give you a clear view of the whole foundation. The concrete in foundations, especially foundations found in older homes, can crack under the immense pressure of the building and the ground around it. Cracked foundations can cause all sorts of the problems that you may not have thought were due to a compromised foundation. If you find too many of these foundational problem symptoms, then you may want to call a professional to appraise the foundation of your home. Foundation repairs can save your home from a premature demise.

Symptoms of a faulty foundation:
• Doors that will not open or close smoothly or properly. With a shifting foundation, the house can settle which can bring down the door jams just a few millimeters. This will be enough to make opening a door difficult as it will drag on the round or not fit into the sill.
• Cracks on the walls near doors and windows. If the house settles quickly, then the walls will crack at weak spots near openings.
• Windows that become difficult to open or close. Much like the stuck door, the sill will move but the window frame remains the same size.
• A small gap found at the bottom of the garage door. Again, the house moves but the door stays the same size. This gap tells you that the building is changing shape.
• The expansion of caulk around doors and window. If the house is moving then it will pull on the rubbery caulk and stretch it.
• Unleveled floor. This is most easily seen in a room with hard floors like a bathroom, kitchen or hallway. The ground underneath you actually slopes.

This entry was posted in Structural Damage on January, 06, 2014