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The Effects Of Mold On Your Health

The Effects Of Mold On Your HealthMold not only ruins your property, it can have some pretty ill effects on your health as well. Even a very small amount of moisture or water in your basement can lead to a quick mold problem, and even a small amount of mold can lead to the health effects associated with it. When mold grows and expands, the spores it releases are irritants to your sinus and respiratory systems, and the effects mold can cause you to feel are easily confused with other common ailments often.

A few effects that mold can have on your health are:

• Chronically stuffy or runny nose – If you find that your nose always seems to be stuffy or runny, it could be mold causing your problems. It’s easy to chalk the issues up to dust, allergies, or fighting off a case of the common cold, but if you experience moisture in your basement, it could very well be mold leading to the problem.

• Sore throat – A sore throat can be caused by a variety of things, but the last cause that many consider is mold. Mold spores can irritate the throat and cause it to become scratchy or sore, so that sore throat you’re experiencing could be due to a bloom of mold growth in your home.

• Red or watery eyes – Another common allergy symptom is red or watery eyes, but this could be due to indoor allergens like mold rather than outdoor ones like pollen or other types of growth.

At AA Action Waterproofing, we know how difficult it can be to live with the symptoms of mold exposure, and that the only way to fix the symptoms you’re experiencing is to eliminate the mold and stop it from coming back. If you’re battling with mold in your home, and you’re tired of the health effects, simply call us today about our mold remediation and waterproofing services!

This entry was posted in Mold & Mildew, Mold Remediation on July, 21, 2015