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The Danger Of Mold Exposure And What You Can Do About It

The Dangers Of Mold Growth And What You Can Do About ItHomeowners are able to enjoy the sense of pride and comfort that owning their own home can bring. But, owning property also means that you have to take steps to keep it in good shape. In Maryland, homes regularly have to stand up to the weather that the northeast can bring – and that includes high rainfalls, heavy snow, and the water that comes from a spring thaw.

All that moisture can create a serious issue in Maryland homes – mold growth. Here at AA Action Waterproofing, we can help you combat the danger of mold exposure and help prevent it. But first, we think it’s worth looking at just why it’s so important to fight against this issue.

Here’s a look at some of the things that mold growth can cause.

  • Health Issues – First and foremost, mold growth can create significant health issues for those in the home. Allergies, respiratory illness, and more can all occur as a result of mold growth. Those who are sick, very old, or very young are even more susceptible to this, and as a result it’s important to confront mold growth as soon as you can.
  • Property Values – Mold growth can also significantly lower your property values. This is especially true when the mold growth is rampant and prevalent, and its presence is often enough to scare off potential buyers while also lowering your home’s value during an appraisal.
  • Expensive Remediation – Mold growth can be fought, but it involves expensive remediation steps that can take time and money. During the process you might even have to leave the home while the mold is removed.

Mold remediation takes time, but if you notice any type of mold growth in your home you should take steps to eliminate the problem as soon as possible. Doing so will ensure that you’re able to avoid health issues, reduce overall costs of remediation, and more.

Obviously, the danger of mold exposure is an issue. But instead of waiting until you see it, it’s better to prevent it outright. You can do so by focusing on removing any sources of moisture that are present. Leaking pipes in the basement or damaged foundation walls that allow water in, for example, are two of the main causes of this problem.

This entry was posted in Mold Remediation on April, 20, 2015