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Take Preventative Steps To Prevent Flooded Basements

Take Preventative Steps To Prevent Flooded BasementsYour basement can be a useful room of your home, providing storage and even living space. But if not properly prepared, it can flood and be an endless source of headaches and a huge money sink. In this post, we’ll look at the chief cause of flooded basements and what you can do to prevent this from occurring in your home. We’ll also look at the consequences of not taking preventive measures to prevent flooded basements.

The Main Reason Basements Flood

The water that floods your basement can come from a variety of sources, from rain, or the spring thaw (especially after the polar vortex that’s been hovering over the northeast US) or even broken pipes. Once the water is in your basement, it doesn’t really matter where it came from. The primary reason basements flood is because the water has nowhere else to go. Improper drainage, improperly arrayed exterior soil and lack of insulation can all give water a path to your basement with no way out. 

How To Prevent Flooded Basements

The only real way to prevent a flooded basement is obviously to keep water from getting into it in the first place. But how do you do this? This can be accomplished by giving the water a path to follow away from your home. Check the soil around the exterior of your home, is it sloped toward or away from the foundation? Is anything blocking the drainage of water from the outside of your home? If water is allowed to pool around your house, it could seep inside your basement and cause multiple problems.

Check the basement itself, is there adequate drainage? Are the pipes insulated to prevent condensation and freezing? Do you have a sump pump? All these are questions you should address if you want to save yourself the trouble of dealing with a flooded basement. AA Action Waterproofing can help. We can install adequate drainage, help you with waterproofing your basement and install sump pumps complete with battery backup. Let us help you, call us or fill out our online form and get your free, no-obligation estimate today!

This entry was posted in Water Damage on March, 19, 2014