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The Symptoms Of Toxic Black Mold Exposure

The Symptoms Of Toxic Black Mold ExposureToxic black mold is one type of mold that can be commonly found within our service areas of PA, DE, MD, VA, DC, and NJ at AA Action Waterproofing. This is a type of mold that can grow in any sort of home and from any amount of moisture, and it’s also a toxic mold which can cause a variety of hazardous health effects should a person expose themselves to the substance. In instances of black mold, we at AA Action Waterproofing recommend leaving the cleanup to only the professionals, and to avoid coming into contact with the mold at all costs.

Some of the symptoms experienced when one has black mold present in their basement or their home are:

  • Mental symptoms – Black mold can cause a variety of mental or neurological symptoms to those who are exposed, and these can range from the mild and uncomfortable to the somewhat dangerous. Some of these mental symptoms are brain fog, dizziness, anxiety, depression, memory problems, and slowed reflexes. Because black mold is considered to be a neurotoxin, it can have several rather dramatic effects on the human brain.
  • Respiratory symptoms – Black mold sports and mycotoxins are also hazardous to a person’s respiratory system, and these respiratory effects can be particularly serious to those in the home who may be ill, aging, or have asthma. Some of these respiratory symptoms are wheezing, coughing, sore throat, stuffy nose, nosebleeds, and shortness of breath.
  • Circulatory symptoms – As black mold spores enter the bloodstream, typically from being breathed in, they can also affect the circulatory system. The mycotoxins found in black mold can cause circulatory issues such as irregular heartbeat, low blood pressure, bleeding, and abnormal blood clotting.
  • Skin symptoms – Black mold spores also irritate the skin, and they will commonly cause rashes, tingling, or a crawling feeling that feels as though there are bugs on the skin.

While these are just some of the many symptoms that people experience when they have been exposed to black mold, they are typically the most common. If you suspect that you have a black mold problem in your home, it’s always best to leave these jobs up to the professionals, and we at AA Action Waterproofing can both test the mold and remediate the issue if black mold is found.

This entry was posted in Mold & Mildew on October, 28, 2014