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The Steps Involved In Mold Removal

The Steps Involved In Mold RemovalAre you or your family members suffering from respiratory issues that don’t seem to have any cause? If you have recently noticed water damage or flooding in your basement, then the issue might be mold.

Mold can enter and grow in a home even when there is no obvious source of water. Hidden leaks can take place throughout the structure of a home due to issues like ground water movement and inappropriate sloping.

Mold preys on every member of a home — even your pets — but the dangers are pronounced for the elderly and for young people, including infants and toddlers. Mold can result in feelings of nausea, dizziness, and weakness.

One of the most worrisome issues about mold is that it can worsen respiratory conditions or contribute to the emergence of new conditions. For example, people with asthma are prone to have difficulties with mold.

If you suspect mold, it’s a good idea to reach out to AA Action Waterproofing right away. We are the local experts when it comes to detecting and eliminating even the most stubborn mold. The sooner you call, the shorter the process will be!

How Mold Remediation Works

The first step in eliminating mold is air testing. Air testing is usually necessary even when there is an obvious source of mold, such as a visible leak, because it helps to determine the extent of the mold and its possible sources.

Air testing will help determine the seriousness of the situation and the types of mold that may be in the air. Although no forms of mold are “good,” there are some that are more dangerous than others, and more safety precautions might be needed.

After testing comes mold abatement, the cleaning and elimination of any visible sources of mold. This might require repair of an underlying leak or other mold source. The conditions conducive to growing mold must be eliminated before the air can be cleaned.

Significant sources of mold can indicate mold has penetrated into the walls of a home. It may be necessary to do further testing within nearby walls to ensure complete mold removal.

Once the mold is removed, then mold spores in the air can also be cleaned out. We can also help to clean and decontaminate personal items that might have been affected by the mold issue.

To find out more, just email or call AA Action Waterproofing. Our website includes a handy contact form for same-day reply.

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